past week’s music: RIP MCA, licking Jack White’s licks and some revolutionist inspiration.

This end of week wrap up has no discernible order to it. Much like my life at the moment.

Of course, the saddest thing this week was the death of Adam Yauch. This was a rough passing .My heart…it broke when I saw this:

RIP Adam.

I’ve been listening to Jack White’s solo album Blunderbuss. A lot. While listening to the song “16 Saltines” one day this past week, I had the weirdest thought, one I’ve never had before : “I want to lick this song.” What is that about? I want to lick this song? I’m developing an aural-oral fixation. That’s a thing,right?  There’s such a thing as auditory fetishes, where a person gets turned on my certain sounds.Which could inspire oral things. So, yeah..I’m gonna claim it’s a thing. Maybe it’s a thing only music junkies get. Have. Do. Think about. Whatever.

Say Anything’s newest Anarchy ,My Dear  has gotten a lot of play here,too. Max Beemis has plenty to say about stuff I can nod along in agreement  to. He’s sober but not tamed, more self-aware and less self-hating. Plus, love has been treating him right so gone is that angst. It’s a good vibe.

Hey, The Avengers is out! I love this cover of “Ironman”.

I’ll file this under music, purely for my association of music from my youth to Henry Rollin.

Henry Rollins’  “Letter to a Young American”,advice on discipline, self-reliance, and overcoming obstacles. I found it inspirational, words I want my young offspring to hear. I’m a bit flabberghasted by some of the reactions to this. Conservatives yelling about him pushing socialism down the throats of our youth. Liberals whining about how he’s promoting and feeding into the desire for the Capitalist American dream. I see neither things here. Why does it always have to be like this,haters?

Speaking of inspirational : Laura Burhenn has this incredible new photo project called New Revolutionists that celebrates women who are “women warriors”…women who live to affect change in the world and in their lives of others. Beautiful stuff.

A new song from the Mynabyrds sort of ties into the theme.Plus, the song kicks ass.

Ohhh….AND new Silversun Pickups. Streaming. Love.

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