BMO from Adventure Time and 3rd Wave Feminism

This video is so good. SO good.

If you haven’t watched Adventure Time, you have to get in on that. If you have this idea that it’s just another one of those weird Cartoon Network shows that make you wonder what the creators and writers were smoking, you’re only half right. It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where magic has returned. The social commentary in the characters and plot of episodes is visionary . If you’re not into over thinking your cartoons, it also can just be plain geeky entertainment.

One of the adorable characters is BMO. BMO is gender fluid, has never being assigned to one specific one and everyone being absolutely fine with that. I can’t think of a single character on TV that has no gender assignment , even among children’s programming where random objects are often personified – they always have a specific gender, or an implication of what their gender clearly is.

OK, I’ll stop talking now so you can watch the video. It brilliantly explains how BMO applies to 3rd Wave Feminism and the acceptance of ¬†women of all genders.

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