Wrap Up: 2.4.13 – 2.9.13

The best of this past week

Good Reads


Hey, Let’s Not Slut-Shame Beyonce For Her Super Bowl Outfit -the post-halftime show commentary made me stabby. Beyonce can wear whatever the hell she wants,ok? You don’t have to watch it and you don’t have to let your kids watch it. I mean, if you don’t object to your kid watching NFL cheerleaders and overly sexualized commercials , why would you care about Beyonce’s attire? She looked fabulous anyway. AND no wardrobe malfunctions!

Super Bowl is Single Largest Human Trafficking Incident in the US – last year there were awareness campaigns about this everyone around the time of the Super Bowl. I saw none this year. If peole want something to be upset about, it should be this and not sexist & racist commercials or halftime performances.

Things That Piss Me Off Tuesday -Look! She’s pissed off about the same shit that I am…sex trafficking,VAWA,assholes with guns and stuff

Mississippi’s Last Abortion Clinic To Close Soon - Because of the lack of real sex ed in that state, it also has astronomical unplanned and teen pregnancy rates (not to mention STDs). So this…not surprising but definitely a disservice to women in that state

The Evolution of a Blogger Part 1 & Part 2 - “You will blog. And it will eat your time. And you will like it. For free. ” This pretty much sums it up for me.

Fast Food One Night Stand - So, I haven’t eaten fast food in over 10 years but I occasionally get these cravings and I know that if these cravings coincided with me being in proximity of a fast food joint, this would absolutely be me, start to finish.

Clitoris: A Feel Good Story About A Touchy Subject- This is just all sorts of awesome. Do you know the Super Bowl commercial that bugged me the most? Nope, wasn’t the Go Daddy one. It was the Kia “Space Babies” one. I hate it when people can’t talk to their kids about anatomy or sex. Hate it. It’s not cute. It’s stupid & makes me cry. In short, when your kids want to know about lady boners, lay it out there like this.

Marriage,bigotry, and cheese - Cheese making is used to break down the marriage equality issue. Yeah, I know…sounds out there but it’s brilliant. It also helps give perspective on the bigotry.

Till He Takes A Wife - Beautifully posed ponderings on what a mama’s future relationship will look like with her sons as they grow. My oldest son is 23. He has had some struggles the past couple of years that have left me frustrated and sad….sometimes angry (at him,myself, society…whatever) . Still, he told me the other day that he still feels like I’m his lifeline and the only one constant person in his life. I don’t know if this is good or bad. My Faux-Hubby feels that I should have “cut those apron strings” a little sooner but then to think that this young man would be floundering about at a hard part of life without feeling like there’s someone who cares and loves him…I think it’s ok that we’re still so close.

If World War 1 Was A Bar Fight – for history geeks with a sense of humor

The One Where I Talk About Lube A Whole Lot - I’m not sure why but people ask me a lot of questions about lube. I think this will be the post I refer them to from now on. Great tips and excellent links.

Open Letter To The Boy Scouts – A mom tells the BSA how it is to be living here in the year 2013. Catch up, guys.

i LIKE being different!- A 12-yr old girl with Asergers highlights what it’s like to be an Aspie

Dads Don’t Babysit, They PARENT -  All the enlightened Dads who read this blog are like, “Well, no shit!” but you know…some people don’t quite get this yet. This deals a lot with the sexism involved with the statement.

There’s a post on sex work on Feministe and it is Teh Fail -A fantastic response to  Supporting Sex Workers’ Rights, Opposing the Buying of Sex.  On a  related sidenote, I recently unsubscribed from all the collective feminist blogs such a Feministe for my own sanity. I feel like the women who are the prevalent writers on feminist culture are coming from a place of not just privilege but inexperience and I have a hard time relating to their voices much of the time. Sure, they get it “right” sometimes but more often than not, I’m irritated and annoyed.

The Thinking Mans Vagina Podcast -The Thinking Man’s Vagina podcast. Where we ponder gender and social issues with the integrity, intelligence, and parlor-style zest of a thinking man. Listen to it. You’ll like it,I promise

Men: 8 Surprising Reasons You Should Get A Sex Toy -All good reasons, plus a chance to win a Sexier Life Gift Pack

Kids Challenging Gender Barriers, One Pair Of Batman Undies At A Time- It’s amazing to me how a thing such as little girls wanting to wear Star Wars underwear can open up such a complex debate. I have a solution to the issue,though. Instead of waiting for large manufacturers to cater to the need for this niche (and probably using unethical work place practices to do so), you can either make your own undies or hire someone on Etsy to do it for you. You can find both patterns and great kids underwear there (as well as sellers who would be willing to do custom orders)

Sex Addiction is BS -sounds about right

The Rise of the Short Story - A new blog series dedicated to exploring the short story  and its current renaissance.  To that end – all during the month of February some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters will stop by to tell us why they love (or hate) short stories, why they think they’re back into vogue and to (of course!) recommend some of their favorites.


50 Things for the 50th – a wishlist for the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who. Some are totally geekgasm worthy. #38…bring back Jenny. Now,this is a little embarrassing but I have a whole entry in my drafts about how Georgia Moffett needs her own Dr Who spin off based around the character of Jenny. And I say it’s embarrassing because if you all read it,then you will see how much thought I’ve put into this (WAY too much) and  truly know what a ridiculous Whovian I am. Yes, Whovian. Term embraced.

Equality in sexy book reading achieved with Naked Guys Reading Lovecraft” – I’ll take sex and gender equality any way I can get it

Fictional Boys We Want To Date (who would be really awful boyfriends) -Well, I’m not sure I thought about exactly dating some of these guys, exactly. And these are exactly the reasons they make better fictional sex fantasies then boyfriends.



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