Wrap Up: 1.28.13-2.3.13

This week’s good stuff

Good Reads

Lena Dunham Is Not Impressed With Rihanna – Truthfully, I’m not all that impressed with Lena Dunham ,either so I guess there’s that. But Lena Dunham’s criticism of Rihanna…not helpful really.

Reclaiming Wife: Chore Monsters,Feminism, and Zombies – sometimes you just need the right perspective on chores and gender roles.

46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out - a friend of mine sent this to me because earlier in the week I mentioned the shoe drama we had in the morning. It’s always something.This is spot on

Movie Casting for Warm Bodies Shows Hollywood Racial Inequality – In the book, the character that definitely white Analeigh Tipton plays is not white. You mean to tell me they couldn’t find a biracial actress for that role? Puh-leeze. All the Asian actors were busy when casting happened for The Last Airbender,too. Right?

How To Save A Library: Make It A Seed Bank - if you know me at all, you know 2 things that I love the most is growing food and reading books. It goes without saying, I love this innovative way a library in Colorado is getting people to read and grow food.

Susan Sontag’s Radical Vision for Remixing Education – “Why not eliminate schooling between age 12-16? It’s biologically + psychologically too turbulent a time to be cooped up inside, made to sit all the time. During these years, kids would live communally — doing some work, anyway being physically active, in the countryside; learning about sex — free of their parents. Those four ‘missing’ years of school could be added on, at a much later age….” Some of this makes a ridiculous amount of sense.

The Media, Body Image, and Anorexia -I am the mother of two beautiful little girls.I am the survivor of an eating disorder. This has more impact than anything I’ve read about eating disorders, probably because Kelly herself has been there.  By the way, if you’re not reading Kelly’s blog regularly, you should do that.

11 Transgender Artists of Color You Should Know in 2013 – Every single one of them.

I Am A Writer -That moment you call yourself a writer out loud and actually believe you are.

Librarian tattoos – They’re as cool as you think they might be

When Taking Multiple Husbands Makes Sense – Polyandry is more common than anthropologists let on. They keep all the awesome stuff a secret

It’s Not ‘Slut Shaming”, It’s Woman Hating – so many thoughts on this I can’t even articulate.




Short on geeky stuff this week, I guess but THIS:


Do you see this fucking fantastic dress?! I’m blown away. There was a whole ‘nother topic of discussion NOT about the dress and you can see that whole bit here. I’m really sick of fat shaming/bashing/hating. THIS is the best blog post about it : Treat her like a TARDIS Princess

Dr Who Illusion Scarf


A classic case of fake gamer sluts

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