Feminist Friday: I’m tired of rape apologists

Dear Victoria Jackson,

Your age does not define your wisdom nor make you an authority on a topic. My mother is 65 and she doesn’t know how to make mac and cheese without Kraft, she calls Asian people “Orientals” and can’t figure out how lesbians have sex. She knows a lot of people,too.  Her age &  who she knows doesn’t equate her to a sage woman. Having my own experience of a failed legitimate rape, I feel confident in assuming that if there are people you knew who were raped and conceived, they probably would not tell you, especially if they terminated the pregnancy. You just don’t seem like the shoulder to cry on after going through something like that. This is the sort of thing you don’t share with people who are likely to mock you and to top it off, call you a murderer. It happens and how a woman deals with it is none of your fucking business. It happens. It happens to about 40,000 women in America each year. It doesn’t matter what percentage that works out to be, whether it’s “point zero zero one percent” or 40%. The harmful things about quoting stats and percentages is that the reality of who is contained in those figures are lost. Real women. Real women, who conceived  via rape. If you are not one of those women, you are blessed and fortunate . Being 53, it’s a little late for you now, anyway. You and Paul Ryan get to sit there and safely say that rape is just another means of reproduction. Lucky you! Now ,shut the fuck up . Please. And thank you.

♀                                             ♀                                       ♀                                             ♀                                      ♀

The “legitimate rape” topic is one I’m tired of but until people stop apologizing for rape and the things stupid men say about rape, we still have to talk about it. Women deserve to not have rape bantered about like it’s a controversial call on Monday Night Football.  The leaders in the conversation need to be compassionate,intelligent women and men. The ignorant and dismissive men and their feminine counterparts are a voice that should only be heard as background noise and not part of the main framework of the dialogue.

The thing these anti-women rape apologists have in common is that they have the tendency to be mouthy blowhards (well, I suppose the same could be said about me…). My first reaction is to roll my eyes, sigh and move along but it’s hard to just ignore them , especially knowing there are people who are out there listening, falling into the same mindset if not given a counterpoint view.  Memeish words of wisdom I saw recently said, “Ignore those who don’t care about you”. Obviously , “they” don’t care but it’s very hard to just wave it off as something that doesn’t need to be commentated on. That feels like it’s obliging the anti-women set by become silent. People who are raped, regardless of age,gender,sexual orientation, or citizenship, regardless of whether there’s a conception to add to the trauma, need people to not disregard the apologists and denialists . This is far beyond the abortion debate. It’s about feeding into the rape culture.

The Republicans have already greatly over-influenced the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.  The wording in the renewal originally provided protections for LGBT women, immigrants ,and Native Americans .   That went the way of the dodo bird to appease Republicans  who will never back down from a chance to exclude anyone who isn’t white and straight. Oh…and male.  California Rep Susan David stated about the bill , “”It’s a shame that this so-called violence against women bill could actually cause violence to women . This bill is outright dangerous.” and she’s absolutely right. The exclusion of protections in the act against certain women is basically a permissive statement to commit rape and violence against women and have it be acceptable. All acts of violence should be condemned. All people who commit these acts against women should be brought to justice. All citizens of a “humanitarian nation” such as ours should never allow anything but this.

♀                                             ♀                                       ♀                                             ♀                                      ♀

Thank you  ,Amanda Palmer, for being so amazing.

5 thoughts on “Feminist Friday: I’m tired of rape apologists

  1. Amanda Palmer is one of my heroes. I’m only sad I didn’t discover her sooner. I’ve only known of her for about 2 years now.
    I get so damned tired of talking to some people about rape. I have a male friend who argues with me that it isn’t fair that women have all the control over sex; and he believes we use it against them in general. Now, I’m sure there are women who do that, but most of us don’t. And I argue the obvious and simple fact that it has to be in our control, because otherwise it’s rape. I also believe a man can be raped, but he argues that, as well.
    And this legitimate rape bullshit is just too much. Who the fuck does Victoria Jackson think she is? Why would anyone listen to her?

    • Yeah, we wouldn’t need to be so protective of it if people didn’t try to take it from us without permission. Yeah, and Victoria Jackson with her mocking about the horrible nightmares? Fuck that! There’s a reason rape is used as a weapon in war. It’s not because the soldiers are horny. It’s because it’s not just only a horrible act of violence but creates psychological damage. I don’t think she’s reading the right articles. Urgh.

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