You know what’s better than American Idol?

Blogger Idol, that’s what.



I auditioned.

The Grand Prize is a Galaxy Tab WITH the detachable keyboard ,which would be fantastic to win since I’m currently typing on a keyboard that has a bum “P”  OR my Kindle that constantly sabotages me through autocorrect and makes me look like an idiot. I’d blog more about post-apocalyptic survival if I had a keyboard I didn’t have to fight with.

All the other prizes are great. I mean..chocolate. C’mon. Even if you lose, you win.


So, you should go like the Official Blogger Idol pages on Facebook and Twitter …(and tell them I should be in the Top 13, purty please?)

(that “purty please” was almost “urty lease”)

Ok, so…you know what ELSE is better that American Idol?


I know. I’m amazed I love it,too.

I found the best way to watch the blind auditions just like the judges. Have the episode running in another tab while you’re doing other shit on the Internet. Sometimes I couldn’t wait until the end of the performance to check out who was singing and had to pop that tab open.

So far, there’s isn’t anyone I don’t like but this girl right here…De’Borah…. this is one beautiful person.

I want to hug her parents,too. She’s right. They’re dope parents.


I almost made a meme with her quotes. Yeah, I’m a dork but I can’t help it. She said some beautiful things and I like to spread beautiful things all over the frickin’ place.

I still might, if I can get people leave me alone long enough.

(My house has been unusually chaotic recently.Like, I’m- considering- going -off-into- the -woods -and- living -by- myself kind of crazy)

Speaking of chaos, it is reigning . Guess that’s that for this post…..




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