Nerd Girl Swoons

Maybe  I  should just start a new nerdy swoon complement to Sexed Up Sunday. Like, Sapiosexual Saturday.

I don’t know. All I know is, I was a puddle of geeky-swoon  when I saw this:

Then ,I died entirely when I saw this:

Tom Hiddleston’s answer to the question , regarding romance: “Do you think Shakespeare would be disappointed with this generation?” ….

I’m not notorious for being  romantic . This caught me,though. It’s maybe not so much the romance of it as it is the chivalry & anti-misogynistic sentiment. So fucking sexy.

On a …related…note?

I’ma write that bitch a sonnet. Bitches love sonnets.

[via The Klonopin Chronicles ]

A final “Talk nerdy to me” bit…

If you’re ever looking to woo someone, say this about them:


2 thoughts on “Nerd Girl Swoons

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