past week’s music:Hot Chocolate, Skrillex w/ The Doors, Dr John, We Are The Physics and Garbage

I may be the only woman in the country who doesn’t get the whole Magic Mike thing. Not a single one of those men are holding a sonic screwdriver or a book. None of them are dressed as Boba Fett or Captain Malcolm Reynolds either. I have no interest.

While I haven’t seen Magic Mike (and really, I’m not a Steven Soderbergh fan anyway) , I think we can should all agree that The Full Monty is the best comedy about male strippers. Yeah, I know…the guys getting their kit off aren’t geekgasm worthy ,either but it’s the right degree of quirky and I love that.


Now, we all know that Jim Morrison isn’t really dead but whatever…I’ll play along.

Skrillex with members of The Doors. I scoffed at first ,too, but this really isn’t bad.


One of my favorite podcasts, Coverville, celebrated ‘Merica’s Independence Day with American-artist covers of songs by bands and performers that were part of the first British Invasion.  I hadn’t heard this cover of Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” before and you know, gotta check out all the Donovan covers, since my kid was not really named after him.


Living Homegrown was inspired by Text from Dog to make this cute text from her chicken. I bet she’ll never try to download music by The Chicken Chokers .


I don’t know much about this band except that 1)They’re from Scotland, 2) I like them and 3) they have some great points as to why their song about Goran Ivanisevic should become the anthem for all sporting events.


BBC Radio Scotland – Janice Forsyth, 07/07/ lively mix of current releases and classic hits with celebrity guests.

David Tennant is the guest in the first hour…and THEN, Shirley Manson, discussing the new Garbage (which I gushed a little about a couple weeks back)


Art by Joelle Saveliev

Inspired by “The Doctor’s Wife” , Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, playing the ukelele, with the TARDIS.

2 thoughts on “past week’s music:Hot Chocolate, Skrillex w/ The Doors, Dr John, We Are The Physics and Garbage

  1. Interesting version of Season of the Witch as it was one of my favourites covering another of my favourites. However the Julie Driscoll/Briam Auger version remains my favourite.

  2. I am also in no way interested in Magic Mike, but I LOVED the Full Monty. Loved the soundtrack so much, I bought the CD. Hooray for new Garbage, although I don’t love it as much as their older stuff. And that bit of art at the end there with Amanda and Neil is awesome. That is all. xoxo

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