I saw this and thought of you, #2 in a series

Things people send me via email and social networking sites.
All worth sharing with everyone else because people who follow this blog are all awesome.

[via Tovah]
In case you missed it, Democrat Lisa Brown said “VAGINA” . Out loud. On the Michigan House floor. In front of men who want to regulate women’s reproduction and things concerning vaginas, even though they can’t say or hear the word spoken. So, this…. I LOVE this.  By the way, I’m one of those women who likes the word cunt and am taking it back.


My daughter posted this picture of Zooey Deschanel and a ginormous zucchini on my Facebook wall.I appreciated it immensely. Zooey, being one of my sisters in quirkiness,you know.Zooey’s caption is: “As dirty as this sounds, this was growing in my garden. But seriously, this was growing in my garden.”


Since I posted this the other day, I’ve been getting a lot of hits from search engines for Dr Who Porn. So, someone sent me the above clip of David Tennant on The Friday Night Project being read snippets of porny fan fic …and Dalek porn. Ejaculate! Ejaculate!


Honoring the fun-sized person I am ♥

I’m actually thinking this would make a pretty great tattoo.


[via Tovah]

I labeled this picture simply, “Win”.


This came to me from Happy Hippy Mama , since I seem to have so many issues leaving the house fully clothed these days . This is a pretty handy flow chart. I might have to print it and hang it on the inside of the front door so I see it whenever it’s time to go out.


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