[Living Free] A super cool firetruck bed, DR WHO! and stuff

Some great things I’ve acquired for absolutely FREE recently

Let’s discuss free pile etiquette for a second. Dirty and broken things are okay. Dirty things can be cleaned. Broken things fixed or upcycled.  Porn? Meh. I’m on the fence on that one. I suggest offering it on Craigslist first then I guess if it’s not snatched up, throw it in your free pile. BUT if you live next to a school? I’d rethink that.

The point of this is, some 8th grade kids scored some great porn on the way home from school one day.

My teens and I were walking to the school one day. As we came closer to the Porn Pile, I mentioned, “There was porn in this free pile up here the other day.”

Thing 1 asked, “Was it old or new porn?”

“Um…well, old. They were VHS tapes. Besides, who actually owns new porn anymore. The Internet is for porn.”

She said, “But new porn is dumb. Old porn is so much…” Her voice trailed off ,trying to find the right word. She rethought what she was saying, though. “Ok, nevermind. I was going to say it’s cooler, but… yeah…maybe not”

“Cool porn comes from free piles,though.” That was the final word on free pile porn.

The house where the free pile was is being sold, the owners refreshing their curbside offerings as they clear out and get ready to move. The porn may have been long gone but look what was waiting for us:


We still have VCRs just for the occasions like this, when we score old Dr Who in a free pile. Sure ,some of them are on Netflix Instant now but what happens when the apocalypse comes?  We’ll be all set, with our own power grid, our old VCR and Dr Who.

Same free pile…


A couple of years ago, my computer died a horrible death and I lost a ton of music. This was all lost music, now come back to me. That Stars CD there…great album.

These were a great score,too. Acres USA – A Voice for Eco-Agriculture magazines . Handy for our Hypothetical Homestead (or that apocalypse I was talking about)

But the biggest and best free score ever last week was this:

Sir Snugglemuffin’s new bed!

I went to a yard sale one Saturday weeks ago and saw this. The thing that stopped me from buying it was …”Does he really NEED a toddler bed?” and “How will I get it home?” (car-free family, remember?). The family has a daughter in Loki’s grade so I see the Mom all the time at the school. One day she asked if I still wanted the bed and that I could just have it . For free? “YES, take it!” AND her husband would deliver it. How awesome is that? I love when someone wants to get rid of something so bad that you end up with something great  for nothing. Also, I think they’re just really nice people.

To say he loves it would be an understatement. His face in this picture? When he sees the camera, this is his …smile? I have no idea. He’s 2. We’ll cut him some slack. Plus, he’s frickin’ adorable.

The light on the bed works! So awesome.

So, what have I purged from my house in return? Bagged up 2 more garbage bags of kids clothes to go to the teen parenting program and cleaned out some magazines from my stash for the magazine exchange shelf at the library. I think I got rid of some old LPs,too.

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