Jupiter doesn't have cable or satellite….

….but she has a library card and a Netflix account.


Margot at the Wedding

Kid 1:Mom,I forbid you to watch this movie.It is way too weird.

Me:What’s wrong with it? Why is it weird?

Kid 1: It’s just…weird. It’s really….weird. It has all this weird stuff in it and weird things. It’s weird.

(Maybe this isn’t a good time to mention this but Kid #1 is an English major in college.)

He really should have known that once I’m “forbidden” to do something,than I MUST do it. That’s how I roll.

After watching it, I can honestly say, he was right…it is weird. For me to say something is weird, that’s saying something.Margot (Nicole Kidman) is visiting her sister Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh) ,who is marrying Jack Black. The acting was wonderful, with Nicole Kidman doing wonderfully as the kind of meddlesome know-it-all bitch we all know in real life and can’t stand. The movie is riddled with tons of sexual tension in places it doesn’t seem to belong and there’s awkward unexplained events that aren’t funny,just weird. Margot and her sister are chatting about a non-present sister “Becky” and say “Poor Becky..she had it the worst. of it…and then raped by the horse trainer!” Then Margot and Pauline both laugh hysterically,like it’s the funniest thing ever. I expected that the reason this is funny to be explained to some degree at some point in the movie and it never was. I still can’t figure out why that was so funny.

Also during this chat, Pauline tells Margot’s son Claude that Margot was so cool n college and used to send her cool music,.like X.Sorry,but there is no way Margot was ever into listening to X.

And what is with Margot’skid’s random statement to her in the middle of a parking lot,”I masturbated last night.” Okie dokie then.


Charlie Bartlett – If I were to make this movie,i’d take away the shine and polish and give it a “Pump Up The Volume” edge (which i thinks it was kind of trying to be) and maybe throw in some “Heathers” flair.

“Holy crap…THAT’S Tyler Hilton? He’s hot.” -Me

Sometimes it takes a fauxhawk and some leather to help see hotness factor.

THAT girl….that’s who should be playing Bella! Not the other girl! I should do casting” -Kid#3


Heavy Metal in Baghdad – Those kids down the street who play mediocre music need to watch this. They don’t know how good they got it, practicing in a heated carriage house in back of the guitar player’s rich daddy doctor’s house. No worries about rockets coming through the side and flattening your practice space (or them) or bombs falling on one of your shows or a slew of other things they completely take for granted when they cover Metallica.


Shark Week! Season 1! Disc ! – with follow up trip to Wegmans to see a real Mako shark!

“What is this? This is boring.I don’t want to hear about some shipwreck.I want to see sharks!Eating people.”-Kid 1

Narrator: The Phillipine Sea is home to some of the world’s most dangerous sharks

Kid #3: Dang.I was thinking of going on vacation there.

Library Card

The Munsters,Season 1,Disc 1:

The pilot episode is included and starts out the disc. In color and no Yvonne DeCarlo, the original treatment lacked a lot .Favorite Episode: Rock-a-bye Munster ,where Lily custom orders the hearse-dragster combo that becomes The Munster Coach and eavesdrops on Lily and Marilyn and misunderstands the snipets heard and thinks there’s a new baby arriving,not a car. Herman’s reaction to what he think is his new son – hysterical.

“Hey,the little boy Elmer was played by Peter Robbins,who also was the voice of Charlie Brown. ” – Me, asserting my title as Queen of Useless Trivia.The children were unimpressed

“Mom,it isn’t THAT funny” – Kid #2

(It was. What does she know. She thinks Pete Wentz is like,the best bass player ever.)



True-ish enough story about kids at MIT who go to Vegas to count cards and take home lots of money. Like Rainman ,but with Kevin Spacey masterminding instead of Tom Cruise and non-autistic kids who were smart enough to get into MIT. I am easily annoyed by over-voiced narration that sounds like it was written by a scripwriter who also writes college commencement speeches “It was the time of our lives…blah blah blah”

Kate Bosworth is so damn cute. It’s really ridiculous. Enough  with that already.


Finding Nemo- The littlest one had never seen it.That had to be remedied.

Kid:#2″Mom,why does Dorrie remind me of you.”

Me:”Um. Who are you again?”


Eddie Izzard: Definite Article- Eddie Izzard is the cure for menstrual cramps and general malaise.


The Mist

The most exciting moment of this movie is when it opens. David Drayton is an artist who paints movie posters for studios. On his easel is a work in progress…a movie poster for The Dark Tower. The idea of even the slightest possibility of a Dark Tower movie makes me squee with delight.

I fell alseep before the end and missed the religious nutcase getting killed. A damn shame.

3 thoughts on “Jupiter doesn't have cable or satellite….

  1. I have been recording old movies I have missed first time round or want to watch again off the tv (most are on too late for me to watch all the way through). The best I have seen recently was The Last Picture Show.

  2. “He really should have known that once I’m “forbidden” to do something,than I MUST do it. That’s how I roll.” That has to be one of the best lines ever to roll off your fingers! LOL

    And ya know, you do kinda remind me of Dori. LOL Just kidding…kinda. *muah*

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